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  • Astrack
  • Bulk SMS
  • School Management (Inset)
  • Software development
  • Hardware programming
  • CCTV
  • ICT Consultancy

School Management

Manage your school and get beautiful report forms that can be customised to your school likes.

Used by top schools in the country, Inset fits seemlesly bringing together, results, sms to parents, emailed report forms and several reports.

Download Trial Version 2.4 here: -
Trial Version 2.6.5_Sms

Version 2.6_SMS Application update only!


Track your vehicle today using the simplest most affordable through you phone, website or sms

  • Locate your car
  • Get a message with turned on (car track)
  • Get a message when switch off (car track)
  • Get alert when battery removed (car track)
  • Geo fence your car to operate a given area only (car track )
  • Set speed limit and get notified when oversped (car track)
  • Listen inside your vehicle (car track)
  • Get a message when door opened
  • Get alerts when car is moved from parking
  • Get alert when your vehicle is tampered with
  • Stop your car by phone
  • Press the panic button for immediately response incase of emergency

    All these at just Ksh1,000 per month.

    No installation cost, no unit cost.!